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The Celtic Piper carries an excellent selection of:

  • Bagpipe Sets
    Great Highland bagpipes (Kintail, Glen, Drumran), Scottish Lowland smallpipes (Drumran, John Walsh), parlor pipes, Walsh shuttle pipes

  • Bagpipe Cases and Accessories
    Cases, reeds (featuring Clanrye synthetic reeds), bags and covers, valves, mouthpieces, cords, bag seasoning, beeswax, cobblers (black) wax, stoppers, and more

  • Bagpipe Tutorials and Practice Chanters
    Bagpipe beginner kits, tutorials, books, instructional tapes, practice chanters to help you learn to play bagpipes

Featuring Clanrye synthetic pipe chanter reeds — need no blowing in! Ready to play right out of the box. Available in five standard strengths.

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