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The Shuttle Pipe dates as far back as 1695. The original shuttle pipes were bellows-blown and had three open-ended drones, which were carried in one main stock with a plain open-ended chanter made of ivory. Mounting the drones in a single stock was typical of the old Irish or German pipes. The chanter was closed at some time during the eighteenth century, and later, keys were added to increase its note capacity.

Playing Procedure

These pipes take very little air; therefore, it's very important to find the correct operating pressure. Give yourself time to perfect your blowing.

The drones tune by moving the sliders up the drone (away from the bag) for a higher pitch and down (toward the bag) for a lower pitch.

From my personal experience, the easiest way to start the pipes is to follow these simple steps:

  • Put blow stick in your mouth, and left hand on the chanter. Support the drone stock with your right hand.

  • Fill the bag as you would the Highland Bagpipe, and, while holding the drone stock, secure the bag under your arm, thus allowing the chanter and drones to sound simultaneously.

Enjoy playing your pipes!

Pipe Sets

WMSP2A Two-drone shuttle pipe (tenor, bass); brass ferrules...

WMSP3A Three-drone shuttle pipe (tenor, baritone, bass); brass ferrules...


The John Walsh shuttlepipes are a modern adaptation of a group of smallpipes which date back to the 17th century and make use of a cylinder containing the drones.

These pipes are in the key of A-Major, and the fingering is the same as the Great Highland Bagpipes.


These pipes were designed to be as "user-friendly" as possible. Just prior to shipping, the reeds are tested and set. There should be no necessity to touch any of the reeds in the drone or the chanter.

For storage, treat the pipes as you would the Great Highland Bagpipe, and never leave the pipes to freeze in the trunk of an automobile or to bake in direct sunlight.

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